Lumbar Support Pillow - Washable with Cooling Gel Insert

  • $ 29.95

NOTE: Due to COVID-19 we are out temporarily of stock of the Lumbar Support Pillow for this store, but we have inventory available if you order through our Amazon store. Access the Amazon Store here to order your Lumbar Support Pillow or go to and search for "BackUpBrace". 

The Lumbar Support Pillow is the perfect way to provide lumbar support where you need it most. Take it with you in the car, at your desk or at home. This back support memory foam cushion uses the absolute latest technology to provide the perfect support and near instant pain relief of your lower back, middle back and upper back pain.

The pillow gently supports the perfect natural arc of your spine, taking the pressure off your vertebrae and allowing you to sit pain free. The cooling gel insert is specifically design to maintain your comfort during long shifts, and the breathable 3D mesh ensures that you end your shift feeling as good as when you started.

The adjustable elasticated strap ensures that the pillow easily and securely fits most chairs, yet is easy to take from the car to the office to your home and back again. 

Exceptionally well made from premium materials exclusive for 3GIS, the inventor of the BackUpBrace. The Lumbar Support Pillow features a removable out cover which is machine washable to ensure you get years of comfort out of the product.

Comes with our unsurpassed 90-day money-back guarantee, and a 12 month product defect warranty.

Customer Reviews

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BackUp Brace
Hi Marty - that's great to hear, thanks! Especially with how hard the elderly in general and nursing homes in particular have been hit by the COVID-19 chaos, your review really made our day, so thanks for that.
Back up brace
Thank you for your feedback! We are glad to hear the Lumbar Support Pillow is offering you support and comfort. Once the summer months start heating things up, please let us know if the cooling gel adds additional comfort. Stay safe!
Big help for a short person
Thanks for your honest and detailed feedback Pozz. We are delighted that the Lumbar Support Pillow is working for you. One of our staff members recently drove from the West Coast to Washington DC on a 4 day trip, and told us they would never have made it without one of these to ease the back ache! Let us know once you have had time to test it a little more extensively.
Great support
Awesome, thanks for posting your review - we really appreciate it, and very happy to hear the pillow made your life more comfortable :)

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