Additional Belt Keepers for BackUpBrace Back Support System

  • $ 14.95

These belt keepers are made of the same high quality material as your BackUpBrace support system, and ensures that the BackUpBrace remains securely in the correct position while allowing the BackUpBrace to fit most belts. Belt keepers are 7.5" in length and are available in tough nylon (snap fastener or Velcro), smooth leather, basket weave or patent (shiny) leather. These belt keepers are made to fit a standard 2.5" duty belt.

Price listed is for set of 2 keepers


Note: This product does not prevent nor does it protect the user from injury.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Steven Brent Walker
Helped out

This Brace has made all the difference for me! I needed a new set of keepers due to my own scattered brain, bit was able to get some new ones on the quick!

Thanks Steven, we appreciate the review. Glad the brace is helping you out!

Helps if you have back pain

I purchased this product to see if it could help with back pain after being injured in a few rear end traffic collisions. It has helped because it distributes the weight of the gun belt over a wider surface. Our departments should make it part of our uniform issue. The keepers need to be a bit longer but the brace is worth buying. All you new police officers get this product it will save your back.

Thank you for your review!

Antonio Apodaca
Worth it's weight in gold

Best investment next to a cool cop and maxx dri. I instantly felt the difference at the end of my first shift that my back didn't hurt. I save way more in chiropractor visits since buying this bad boy!

Great to hear Antonio! Yes we've had more than one chiropractor telling us they both love us (because it helps their patients) and hate us (cause it lowers their billing) for this product! Stay safe.

Matthew Rider
Better quality

The original belt keepers were more flimsy they definitely made these ones more durable then before. I had the last pair for about two years so hopefully these will last the same amount of time.

Hi Matthew, thanks for your review. All our keepers are now made to these same standards. Glad you noticed the improvement!

Great addition to every gun belt

If you care about your back health don’t hesitate and pick up the back up brace ASAP.  It works as advertised and is extremely easy to set up.  I felt a difference instantly and could not imagine going back I just wish I started using it sooner.  Customer service is top shelf this is a great company to support thanks for keeping us healthy guys!!

Joe, thank YOU for your service, and for taking the time to write your review. We really appreciate it.

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