Additional Belt Keepers for BackUp Support System

  • $ 12.95

These belt keepers are made of the same high quality material as your BackUp support system, and ensures that the BackUp remains securely in the correct position while allowing the BackUp to fit most belts. Belt keepers are 7.5" in length and are available in tough nylon (snap fastener or Velcro), smooth leather, basket weave or patent (shiny) leather. These belt keepers are made to fit a standard 2.5" duty belt.

Price listed is for set of 2


Note: This product does not prevent nor does it protect the user from injury.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Back saving

I just purchased my second brace. I would give it five stars if the bottom support loop did not break. I wore the first one for almost five years before having to replace it. I had lower back surgery while in the military and this has been a back saver. When I do not wear it, after about two days my back starts hurting. It does take away things you can carry but it is well worth it.

Joseph, thank you for your honest view. Glad you are enjoying the brace. We will continue to strive for 5 stars!

The velcro ones were a little longer, which allowed better fit onto my belt!

New keepers

I misplaced my keepers and had to order new ones. Super fast service.

A must.

A must need to use the support brace. This was a replacement of my original ones which were lost.

The basketweave shoud come with 2 hidden snaps instead of velcro...

I like your backup brace, despite it taking away some valuable real estate on my duty belt. I am maxed out with it and I am a 38" waist. I have no clue how the people with smaller waists are going to wear the normal one and still wear everything. The velcro comes undone too easily getting in and out of the car. I hope you guys fabricate hidden snap basketweave keepers, to match the ones traditionally worn.

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