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We get so many great comments from officers from all over the world about the BackUpBrace back support system for police officers. Here is a selection of video and written reviews, including independent industry reviews:

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Instant relief

I have been having back issues off and on for the last several years. Currently I am assigned to the Traffic Division and work 4 10 hour shifts on my police motorcycle. Add in my commute time, and I am on the bike sometimes in excess of 12 hours a day. Same thing on my off days when I am doing escorts as a side job.
From day 1, I felt instant relief. The Backup Brace works as advertised. The weight of all the gear on my duty belt has been more evenly distributed. It too a little bit to get used to it and I had to adjust some of my gear on my belt, but I did not have to eliminate any that I have been accustomed to carrying.
I no longer have the back pain when I get home after a long shift. As stupid as this sounds, I have even contemplated putting my duty belt on around the house if my back starts hurting again. I would definately recommend it to any officer suffering from back pain that had to carry a lot of gear on their duty belt.

Hi John Thank you for your review. Cannot imagine spending 12 hours on the bike daily! Very glad the BackUpBrace is alleviating that back pain so effectively. Stay safe.
Relief in a small investment

I have suffered from lower back pain from the result of disc issues for nearly 8 years in law enforcement. Anyone in the career knows that regardless of ones physical fitness level, the sheer weight of the equipment we carry can apmlify fatigue and injury on the job. Most patrol vehicles seats are not designed to accommodate the ergonomics of a duty belt and can take a toll on the body in addition to reaching over for the MDC to type. I ordered the Backupbrace in hope I would see some relief from 'on duty' pain in my lower back while in a duty belt. So far, so good and am pleased with the support it provides. It has definitely been a small price to pay for comfort and relief while on the job. I would absolutely recommend this addition to any officer's belt. I was even able to use my standard high gloss brass keepers which is a plus.

You are so right Trooper ... physical fitness, stretching and a healthy regime certainly help, but they are not a guarantee against the effects of lugging that much weight around your hips! Very glad our product has brought you some well-deserved support and relief. And thanks for sharing your setup - the gloss still looks pretty classic and awesome in our opinion!
Review of Back brace

I have L1 through L5 bad disks in my back. I've worn the brace around a week now on just my trouser belt. I also carry hand gun, cuffs, extra magazine and two cell phones. This brace has lowered my back pain considerable. I'll highly recommend it whether you are wearing it with a duty belt or trouser belt.

Paul, we're sorry to hear about your back issues - but very happy the BackUpBrace could help! Thanks for your review.
Saved My Back!!

Awesome belt accessory. No more back pain! Love that you can't really tell it's on the belt. Also, very happy it comes in basketweave pattern, so it matches the rest of my gear.

Thanks for the review and the photo Christy!
Back Saver

Right off the bat I noticed "Comfort," it was like a instant relief that my gun belt wasn't just bearing down on my lower back, hips and spine. it felt like my belt was hugging my lower back and not cutting into it when sitting as well.

Hi Mark, we're very glad to hear you had success with the BackUpBrace - like so many others, it seems to be changing lives. We're proud to play a small role in assisting those that sacrifice so much for our safety and security. Now go tell all your friends! Stay safe.
Does what the it says.

Helps keep my belt up on my waist. Helps weight distribution for long shifts. Very sturdy material that can survive the wear and tear on the street.

Hi Jordan - thank you for the review, we really appreciate it and glad to hear you are loving the brace!
backup brace

works great

Great to hear Jerry, and thanks for posting the photo! Looking good!
Best Money I have spent

I have only been using this product for 2 weeks but I can tell you it is well worth it. I have had back problems for some time and now with the BackUp Brace....NO more!!! I would recommend it to anyone that wears a duty belt. Only problem and I have worked it out was getting the keepers on the first time. Again, best money I have spent on equipment in a long time.

'Again, best money I have spent on equipment in a long time.' - wow, we love that! Thanks Dominick!
Another Happy Trooper!!

Started experiencing major middle and lower back pain from constantly getting in and out of the squad. To the point where it was effecting my workout routine. Another trooper recommended this to me and it's hands down the best equipment purchase I've made. After a few weeks, the pain disappeared! I have a size 34 waist and the smaller size one fits perfectly.

Thanks for the review - we're so happy the product is making your quality of life better. Thank you for your service!
It depends on what your lower back issue is.

I was a Police Officer for 27 years, the last 10 or so in investigative or administrative positions where I didn’t have to wear a gun belt. I have a couple of degenerative discs and arthritis in my lumbar spine. After 2 1/2 years of retirement, I went back to work for a PD assigned to a local high school as an SRO/school security. Full uniform, vest, full duty rig. My lower back was killing me immediately and was almost unbearable after one week. I decided to give the Back-Up Brace a try.

At first, I had instant relief, but after walking around and being in my feet all day my back was killing me again (maybe a little less painful). I think if your issue is muscular in nature, the Back Up Brace May be a solution. Unfortunately for me, it didn’t provide the relief I was hoping for. I’m going to try the 5.11 hip inserts next, and maybe suspenders if that doesn’t work.

Hi Rich, thank you for your honesty. Sorry it did not work. Did you make use of our 90 day return policy? We believe no product works every single time for every single person. We're all so unique! That's why we hope our generous 90 day policy is enough time for you to evaluate and - if you are not satisfied - return it for a refund. We wish you all the best!

I honestly don’t know how I’ve gone so long without a BackUpBrace. On my feet all the time, bending up and down after a shift my back would be smoked! Being a bigger guy the belt causes sciatic issues where constant chiropractor adjustments have been a staple. Since using the BackUpBrace my back thanks me, my legs thank me and even my feet! My chiropractor is definitely on board with it and said my back has absolutely yielded the benefits! I’ve already got guys I work with wanting one!

Hi Josh, thank you so much for sharing! Your chiropractor is not the first to comment on the benefits their patients seem to be getting! And thanks for the photo, it's very much appreciated. P.S. I totally get the 'big guy' issues you are referring to! Jake
Near instant relief

I have only been a officer for two years and prior to wearing the gun belt, I never had any back pain. About one year into working I started experiencing back pain after my shifts were done. The pain then increased where I was experiencing it on my days off. Being a new officer I was worried how this was going to feel 15-20 years down the road, so I googled braces for gun belts and found the Backup Brace. The first shift that I tried the Backup Brace, I noticed a immediate difference in that the pain was much less predominant at the end of the shift. As I use the brace more often, I have noticed that the pain is less pronounced at the end of my 5 day stretch of shifts. I have allready recommended this to several co workers who experience the same pain/discomfort and will continue to do so.
Thanks and stay safe from northern Ontario, Canada.

Chris - it's always great to hear from our brethren to the north! Thank you so much for sharing your amazing experience with the BackUpBrace. We do know what a royal pain in the a$$ it is to get the brace up there with all the hassles with customs etc. We have tried several times to find a Canadian dealer interested in carrying our product, but no luck so far. We are very glad it was worth your while. Thanks again, and stay safe.
Fantastic Product

The back up brace is such an amazing product. I purchased this with skepticism but needed to try something. Prior to the brace, I was experiencing pinching in my low back and nerve pain extending down and through my legs. It was hard to come to work because I was in so much pain. The brace on the first day immediately took away the pressure and painful pinching. After about 3 weeks of wearing it, my back pain has diminished greatly. I am 5’3 with a 27 inch waist and was unsure if this product would work for me, but it’s wonderful. Smaller stature officers would benefit from this completely. Cannot thank this company enough. This product will improve your quality of life and experience on the road.

Desiree, thank you for sharing your experience - it really made our day!
Great support

Have had the lumbar support pillow for about a month. Very happy because it really provides good back support while I sit in my recliner. It has also made the seats in my wife's minivan much more bearable.

Awesome, thanks for posting your review - we really appreciate it, and very happy to hear the pillow made your life more comfortable :)
Save my back!

I recently had a major back issue that caused me to miss several days of work. Some of my co-workers have the back brace so it was the 1st thing that came to my mind when I was looking for a preventative measure. They all have good things to say so hopefully it will help me too!

Brendan, thanks for sharing with us! Please keep us posted, we hope this will help you as it has helped so many thousands of others. Best of luck to you!
Back Saver

I just switched from an outer carrier back to a belt, due to a change in assignment. I’m not sure I would be able to wear my belt without the BackUpBrace. My back thanks you.

Thank you Matthew, we appreciate you sharing your experience and the photo!

BackUp Nylon Back Support with Belt Keepers

Back Relief

As a 40 + year veteran of Law Enforcement, this is the first time, in a very long time that my back does not hurt at end of shift.

Thank you for your comment and review. More importantly, thank you for your 40+ years of service!
Amazing product!

I was a little skeptical about this brace at first, but I decided to try it out and I’m very glad I did! I felt an immediate difference the moment I put my duty belt on with the backup brace. My lower back pain did not persist like it normally does throughout my shift and made the duty belt feel like it was lighter. I can now stand with my duty belt without experiencing any discomfort or shooting pains in my lower back.
I told my co-workers about the backup brace and they too love the product.
Thank you for making the Backup Brace!

Glad you love it Eric, and thanks for sharing your setup!

Great Product!

Thanks! Glad you love it Brandon.
Game Changer

Great product. Before the backupbrace I'd come home after a shift limping from hip and lower back pain. Now, after using this product for about a month, the pain is not gone but greatly reduced. Took some getting used to and had to completely reconfigure my duty belt, but it was worth it. Recommending this product to all my partners.

Glad you love it Brian. We're so happy this product is providing you with some much needed relief. Thank you for your service and sacrifice. We also really appreciate the photo!
Not too shabby!

Since I’ve had this brace my back pain has been mitigated. I can go to work and be more confident knowing my back isn't a ticking time bomb.

Much needed relief

I bought this at the recommendation of a fellow officer who couldn’t stop talking about it. I had my doubts but after wearing it a few shifts in patrol, I immediately noticed a difference. It takes a lot of the pressure of the back. Takes some time to get used to it on your duty but it is well worth it and your back will thank you.

Thanks for the review (and photo) Jason!
Old Guy!

I’m a 32 year veteran police officer who spends a lot of time on his feet. We carry about 30 pounds of gear for daily operations. This has been a great relief for the back. I’d like to see one that goes all the way around.

Huge improvement

After years of working patrol and wearing a duty belt I developed chronic lower back pain. I reached the point that my right leg would go numb while walking around on duty. I spent my days off laying on the couch because any movement was too painful. I then moved to a special division and was freed from the dreaded duty belt. After numorous visits to the chiropractor and massage therapist the pain was reduced to a manageable level. Years past and then came the promotion that forced me to put the duty belt back on once again. I purchased the backup support brace for my duty belt and have wore it for over a month now. I have not had any back pain since wearing the back up support brace. I highly recommend it to anyone wearing a duty belt.

Adam, thanks for sharing your experience with us. We're humbled and proud that our product can make such a difference in the lives of those who serve their community. Thank you for sharing your setup too - it is much appreciated!