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great back support

This belt allows more support and seems to reduce the weight of everything that has to be carried on my husband's belt. He told me this stuff. Also he and his partner who also has one, said that it is a "God Send".

Thanks for taking the time to write this review Angie - and thank you for your sacrifice and support. LEO families are what make it possible for LEOs to protect and serve, and we appreciate it very much!
Why Did I Wait So Long?

For years I have worn duty belts as a reservist in the military. I knew that there was one thing I could always count on after hours of running Search and Rescue cases: Lower back pain!

I accepted this as a necessary evil and tolerated it due to experiencing it only two days out of the month. However, when I was sworn as an officer at a local PD, I sought a remedy for my lower back pain as it would now be a much more frequent affair. I eventually found this product and was hesitant to buy it due to the seemingly cumbersome design and somewhat high price point. I will tell you now that it was worth every penny.

I attached the Backup Brace and no longer experience back pain despite carrying more equipment on my belt and wearing it for much longer hours. The Backup Brace does a great job of distributing the weight of the duty belt along a wider area, and not just pressing inwards on my lower back.

I have since recommended this product to my fellow officers and all have had positive experiences-- most notably, the veteran officers who have dealt with back pain for years.

All in all, I highly recommend the Backup Brace to anyone who wears a duty belt and is looking for a solution to lower-back pain and discomfort.

Nick - thank you for your service first of all. Secondly, thank you for the review, and the great pic of your setup. Much appreciated!
Deluxe Tactical Nylon Gear Bag
Giovanni Melendez G.M. Giovanni M.
Love the bag

Smooth transaction, everyone at work loves the back

Very Good

I wish I'd had this thing YEARS ago !!!!

police officer

referred by fellow officer which led to myself and my partner to each purchase one. for me it was instant comfort and relief from upper thigh numbness and tingling. at times I forget im even wearing the police belt. love it!! if in doubt,GET IT!!

Police Office

I have only worn this for a few weeks. It really seems to help. I have had lower back problems in the past. The back-up-brace really gives the added support I was looking for.

Awesome product, felt immediate support!

Great product, shipped quick!

In my opinion...

I have worn the back brace for a while now and still evaluating it's effectiveness. I am a semi-retired police officer and only work part time, at the present serving city warrants and summons. As far as I can tell the brace works as advertised and I like it a lot. It is well made and appears to be holding up well. I do not have the back, hip and leg pain as before. A caveate, if you will. Sometimes I do not get my belt tight enough and after a while I still get some aches and pains. Very small issue. The only bad thing is the brace does not have Velcro on the inside. I use an inner and outer belt with Velcro and do not use belt keepers. I bought some sticky back Velcro and added it to the brace and it works fine. Just wish I had purchased it sooner.


I purchase the BackUp Brace for officers of the Fort Myers Police Department. Any officer whom complains of a back issue finds relief with the brace. The different size for men and women makes a difference.

Herniated Disc Relief - Texas LEO

Alright, I'll start at the beginning. Every single day I got home from work, my lower back hurt. It did not hurt before I started this career. I figured, well, that's just the price I pay to carry all this gear and I can deal with soreness. I'd take some anti inflammatories and cherish my days off.

In Dec 2016, towards the end of the month, I herniated a disc. The holidays were a mess. I could barely walk, bending over was impossible, everything hurt and I thought my career was over. Dramatic, to be sure, but pain is pain and this was some of the worst I've ever felt.

I was out for 3 weeks. My doc said he could fix me up without surgery and started me on steroids and anti inflammatories to get my back shore up. He told me to do core workouts to support my back but I hurt so bad I just focused on getting better.

Had a buddy at work recommend this product. I took a look and figured, couldn't hurt. It arrived just in time for me to come back to work from my sick leave. I'll bet you know what I'm gonna say now. Day 1 back: no pain after work. I didn't even notice it at first. I got home and took my belt off. That's usually when I wince. I wince from the pressure coming off my hips and that pinched disc springing up. But I didn't feel that. I stretched. I moved. I flexed. I felt great.

I started working out, strengthening my core as the doc said. I've lost 15 pounds since I got hurt. I wear my Backup Brace every day and I feel great.

On 04/31/2016, I had to put on my old duty belt. 2 inches smaller. I lost too much weight and couldn't tighten my belt enough. Well my backup brace is now too big, so I decided to go a single day without it. Couldn't hurt, right? I got home and that familiar pain was back. I stretched it out as much as I could and now I'm here ready to purchase a smaller model for my belt because I can't go a day without it.

Matt, thanks for the great review. We're happy to offer you a discount on purchasing your second brace. Please email
BackUp Nylon Back Support with Belt Keepers
Robbie Patterson R.P. Robbie P.
Good quality product.

It does exactly what it is advertised to do.

The only products that I have found to work similar are over $90 and are lower quality than this one.

BackUp Nylon Back Support with Belt Keepers
Katie Anderson K.A. Katie A.
Wife of a cop

My wife has worn the brace for about a month now. She absolutely loves it! She's noticed a significant difference in her back and hips. Even while sitting in her cruiser for a 12 hr shift, she's noticed a positive difference. Her fellow co-workers are talking about ordering one for themselves.

Great Product

I have had it for one month so far and it is great. Felt relief the first day I wore it and has given me great support on my back. Would recommend to all my friends.

BackUp Smooth Leather Back Support with Belt Keepers
Jeffrey Cardwell Sr J.C.S. Jeffrey Cardwell S.
New back brace review

I'm a retired Baltimore City Police Officer with 30 years of service, I have had back problems since 1991 from Departmental auto accidents and line of duty injuries. I retired from the Police Department in 2011 and I just started working again for the State of Maryland with the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services, which is a armed position. I purchased the smooth leather back support brace with belt keepers to try and prevent any further injury or pain associated with my prior back problems. I am happy to report that the back brace works exactly as advertised. I am grateful that I made the decision to purchase the item. The back brace helps distribute weight crossed your entire back instead of just your 2 1/2 inch Sam brown belt. The product works so well I wish that they would've had this years ago when I was active with the Police Department. To the inventor and company of this brack brace, I Thank you from the bottom of my back.
Officer Jeffrey S Cardwell Sr.

Thanks Officer Cardwell!
Reduced hot spots

I've been wearing the brace for about a month now. The brace is constructed well and feels very sturdy. I've definitely noticed a reduction in hot spots on my back and my hips. Putting the keepers on can be difficult. I've found that it's a little easier to put them on while sitting down.

One suggestion I would make for the product is adding a strip of velcro on the inside of the brace to attach to the under belt. This would probably eliminate the need to wear keepers.

But overall, it's a decent product. I just wish I had purchased the smaller one. I wear a buckleless duty belt and having the smaller brace would make it easier for me to slide my pouches around.

David, thanks for your review. Please feel free to get in touch if you wish to exchange your brace for a smaller one. We would be happy to assist!
BackUp Basket Weave Back Support with Belt Keepers
sandra Villarreal s.V. sandra V.

I saw an advertisement of the Back Up Brace and immediately wanted to try it. I wanted to see if it would relieve the horrible lower back pain I started feeling a few months ago because of my duty belt. I ordered it and by the second day it was amazing I immediately felt relief of the back pain I had. Today 3 weeks later no back pain at all. OMG !! this is such a great product so recommend to all my fellow brothers and sisters. A must have. You forget it's even there. Very easy to put on and to adjust your gear around and on the brace. Thank you for this product I'm so hreatful.


After wearing my backup brace for a week, I noticed the relief of the weight from my duty belt. Still having back pain, but it's a lot less now. It really does work.

Less Fatigue!!

Very good product! I wear a velcro pants belt and hope that a velcro lined brace is in the future. I have noticed a significant difference in my back fatigue after a 12 hour doesn't hurt like it used to. I found that certain items on my belt had to be move to "make it right" but that is a small price to pay for my comfort.


The velcro ones were a little longer, which allowed better fit onto my belt!

Back Saver!

I've been wearing a duty belt for 11 years in a correctional setting. Lots of time on my feet as well as in a seated position. Needless to say, time takes its toll on everyone; and my duty belt was taking it's toll on my back!

I've been wearing the Backup Brace for close to a month now and I immediately feel a difference in comfort for my back. No more soreness/ pain that I felt before the B.U.B.

If you're skeptical, take it from an 11 year veteran who's on his feet all day: This is legit.

Thanks for the great review Jacob, and many thanks for your years of service!
Good for old and young

Two officers from two different adjacent agencies, both much younger than me, recommended the product.
The difference was immediately noticeable. I no longer had "hot spots" on my back from the cuff cases, the pressure was evenly spread out, over a larger area. The duty belt was also more stable, an unexpected benefit. I don't have the pain at the end of 12-16 hour shift that I used to.
The brace is hardly noticeable under my belt ( I wear two handcuff cases in the back with a glove pouch, worn vertically on an adapter I designed, in the center).
I didn't like the supplied Velcro keepers; the slots are large enough for my snapped keepers to be used. Getting them in place is tricky, but I'm becoming adept at it, and the brace is worth the effort.
I am very satisfied with the product and have recommended it to coworkers.

Mark, thank you for a thoughtful and honest review. We're glad you love the BackUp!
Love it

I wear a jumpsuit, so I had the (supplied) keepers sewn on to go through the holes in the brace. So far, so good! Keeps the gun belt from digging into my old back.

Excellent Relief and Support!

I have been a state trooper for roughly three years and started getting back pain soon after the academy. The Backup Brace has significantly reduced my pain during my shifts as well as when I am done working. I am routinely asked what "that thing" on my back is and if it helps. It does! I recommend it to my friends so I have no problem recommending it to anyone out there reading this! For only $70 try it out. Last thing, I come from a department which is big on uniformity, the patent leather blended in well with the rest of my belt. Thanks and hope this helps others looking!

BackUp Nylon Back Support with Belt Keepers
Thomas Reuss Jr T.R.J. Thomas Reuss J.
Great Product

The brace and duty belt work great together. Very happy I made the purchase.

BackUp Nylon Back Support with Belt Keepers
Jeffery Theriot J.T. Jeffery T.
Back saver

If you gear is getting to be a little too much on the old sciatica, get one of these it's great. When I do wear my full duty belt my lower back is not killing me anymore. It does leave room for gear in the back.

BackUp Nylon Back Support with Belt Keepers
Yaaziel Del Valle Y.D.V. Yaaziel Del V.
Back Reliever!

You feel the difference the same day that you wear it on. Would have been nice if this was out on the market several years ago. Don't hesitate and buy it, your back will appreciate it and thank you.

Great for lower back pain

Been wearing a duty gun belt of 40 yrs. Finally found something that was comfortable and effective. Recommend it to anyone experiencing discomfort in the lower back.

Clip On Badge Holder
Kevin Kalil K.K. Kevin K.
Great Product

Great Product.

Clip On Badge Holder
Talya Monroe T.M. Talya M.

Great product! Would buy again and recommend to others!

BackUp Nylon Back Support with Belt Keepers
clayton keys c.k. clayton k.
Belt reviews

Excellent product no back pain helps knee pain, awesome

Excellent Product

I have been wearing the back up brace for about a week now. I have noticed a major difference in how my back feels at the end of the work day. Much improved. The keepers are a little difficult to get in place but worth the effort. I was a little disappointed in the price of shipping considering it came in an envelope. Shipping costs could certainly be reduced.


Backupbrace is an amazing product so far I can feel the difference when I wasn't wearing one. I did wear suspenders but that was time consuming and uncomfortable at times. I have been spreading the word. Thanks again for this great product.

That's fantastic to hear, thanks for the feedback Julio! And thank you for your service.
Great product

This product is great, wish I had this 2 years ago, have arthritis I my lower back and this is helping tremendously!!!!

Back Saver

I've had a bad back most my adult life and this product relieves the tension from lugging around our heavy gun-belts all day. Every officer should have one

Works great!

I just recently purchased this item and so far my hips, which were given me problems after a 12 hour shift, feel great! So far so good!

That's great Talya! We're very happy the BackUp is working for you :) Thanks for the feedback.
BackUp Nylon Back Support with Belt Keepers
Austin Saunders A.S. Austin S.
Good buy

Purchased the back up brace a couple weeks ago, super comfortable and Reduces pain soreness especially when your getting to the tail end of your shift. Kind of difficult to get the belt keepers on but after you've done it a few times you start to get the hang of it.


I find the backup brace to be as good as advertised. I have found in the week that I wore it on duty, it helped me tremendously. I had no back discomfort or pain. Highly recommended.

Makes the pain go away

Deputy for over 9 years, started having lower back pain last year. Chiropractor said it was from duty belt. Was gonna buy suspenders but not allowed over the shirt by policy and didn't want to spend $300 on the under uniform suspenders. Saw the ad and figured the price was worth the shot. After a week of use I noticed a lessening of the back pain on duty and after shift. At almost 3 weeks it's pretty much gone. Worth the investment

Life saver

My back was killing me before I got this. No back pain anymore!

New keepers

I misplaced my keepers and had to order new ones. Super fast service.

So far so good!

My husband says it definitely helps with his back. He has only worn it for one week but says so far it's helped!

If I would have known then!

Wow, Nothing bad I can say about this product. It has changed everything (No kidding). I have over 20 yrs. On the department and look forward to another 10 just by the elevated comfort level this brace has provided. !! Highly recommended for the vets out there. Just give it a shot ( Not literally )lol! Thanks Mr. Sharpe for making this happen! God bless and stay safe!


I wish I had this brace 20 years ago. Every officer with back issues should try one. I knew I would not be returning it after the first shift.

BackUp Nylon Back Support with Belt Keepers
Nicholasgordon1991 N. Nicholasgordon1991
hasn't been tested.....

I had an auto accident awhile ago and haven't gone back to work yet. Ive put it on and it seems to be ok but hasn't been through the ringer. I saw someone else on facebook (FB) say to buy a Blackhawk suspenders system and it takes all the weight off so I'm going to give that a try. My back supports my daughter, wife, and myself. The only "negative" thing to say at this time is that when it's on trying to place pouches on that slide versus clips on its more difficult to slide in to place because their isn't alot of room with placing the velcro back down after replacing the buckle. Other than that I hope it helps relieve some pain and everyone on FB that has tried it only say good things.

Deluxe Tactical Nylon Gear Bag
Butters448703 B. Butters448703
Loving it!

Got the backup brace, love it. When I got the email on the bag I had to get it and I'm glad I did. Makes it so much easier to carry my gear and keep it organized in the passenger seat for easy access.

BackUp Nylon Back Support with Belt Keepers
Jesse Oneill2 J.O. Jesse O.
So far so good

Have been using this product for about 2 weeks now and its working great. Immediate relief on my lower back. Strongly recommend for anyone wearing a duty belt.

A must.

A must need to use the support brace. This was a replacement of my original ones which were lost.


This has definitely helped with distribution of weight and reducing back pain.

Takes the weight off

Love the belt. Many people ask me about it. Nothing but complements.

BackUp Basket Weave Back Support with Belt Keepers -

Excellent product, I have been using for about a month and my lower back pain has reduced drastically. The only problem I have is that I may have to trim the sides a little to allow me to put some keepers on the back of the belt. I can only wear two keepers on the front of my belt although it keeps it tight on my waist but it sometimes rides up or down without the keepers on the back.