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We get so many great comments from officers from all over the world about the BackUpBrace back support system for police officers. Here is a selection of video and written reviews, including independent industry reviews:

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Fantastic Product

The back up brace is such an amazing product. I purchased this with skepticism but needed to try something. Prior to the brace, I was experiencing pinching in my low back and nerve pain extending down and through my legs. It was hard to come to work because I was in so much pain. The brace on the first day immediately took away the pressure and painful pinching. After about 3 weeks of wearing it, my back pain has diminished greatly. I am 5’3 with a 27 inch waist and was unsure if this product would work for me, but it’s wonderful. Smaller stature officers would benefit from this completely. Cannot thank this company enough. This product will improve your quality of life and experience on the road.

Desiree, thank you for sharing your experience - it really made our day!
Great support

Have had the lumbar support pillow for about a month. Very happy because it really provides good back support while I sit in my recliner. It has also made the seats in my wife's minivan much more bearable.

Awesome, thanks for posting your review - we really appreciate it, and very happy to hear the pillow made your life more comfortable :)
Save my back!

I recently had a major back issue that caused me to miss several days of work. Some of my co-workers have the back brace so it was the 1st thing that came to my mind when I was looking for a preventative measure. They all have good things to say so hopefully it will help me too!

Brendan, thanks for sharing with us! Please keep us posted, we hope this will help you as it has helped so many thousands of others. Best of luck to you!
Back Saver

I just switched from an outer carrier back to a belt, due to a change in assignment. I’m not sure I would be able to wear my belt without the BackUpBrace. My back thanks you.

Thank you Matthew, we appreciate you sharing your experience and the photo!

BackUp Nylon Back Support with Belt Keepers

Back Relief

As a 40 + year veteran of Law Enforcement, this is the first time, in a very long time that my back does not hurt at end of shift.

Thank you for your comment and review. More importantly, thank you for your 40+ years of service!
Amazing product!

I was a little skeptical about this brace at first, but I decided to try it out and I’m very glad I did! I felt an immediate difference the moment I put my duty belt on with the backup brace. My lower back pain did not persist like it normally does throughout my shift and made the duty belt feel like it was lighter. I can now stand with my duty belt without experiencing any discomfort or shooting pains in my lower back.
I told my co-workers about the backup brace and they too love the product.
Thank you for making the Backup Brace!

Glad you love it Eric, and thanks for sharing your setup!

Great Product!

Thanks! Glad you love it Brandon.
Game Changer

Great product. Before the backupbrace I'd come home after a shift limping from hip and lower back pain. Now, after using this product for about a month, the pain is not gone but greatly reduced. Took some getting used to and had to completely reconfigure my duty belt, but it was worth it. Recommending this product to all my partners.

Glad you love it Brian. We're so happy this product is providing you with some much needed relief. Thank you for your service and sacrifice. We also really appreciate the photo!
Not too shabby!

Since I’ve had this brace my back pain has been mitigated. I can go to work and be more confident knowing my back isn't a ticking time bomb.

Much needed relief

I bought this at the recommendation of a fellow officer who couldn’t stop talking about it. I had my doubts but after wearing it a few shifts in patrol, I immediately noticed a difference. It takes a lot of the pressure of the back. Takes some time to get used to it on your duty but it is well worth it and your back will thank you.

Thanks for the review (and photo) Jason!
Old Guy!

I’m a 32 year veteran police officer who spends a lot of time on his feet. We carry about 30 pounds of gear for daily operations. This has been a great relief for the back. I’d like to see one that goes all the way around.

Huge improvement

After years of working patrol and wearing a duty belt I developed chronic lower back pain. I reached the point that my right leg would go numb while walking around on duty. I spent my days off laying on the couch because any movement was too painful. I then moved to a special division and was freed from the dreaded duty belt. After numorous visits to the chiropractor and massage therapist the pain was reduced to a manageable level. Years past and then came the promotion that forced me to put the duty belt back on once again. I purchased the backup support brace for my duty belt and have wore it for over a month now. I have not had any back pain since wearing the back up support brace. I highly recommend it to anyone wearing a duty belt.

Adam, thanks for sharing your experience with us. We're humbled and proud that our product can make such a difference in the lives of those who serve their community. Thank you for sharing your setup too - it is much appreciated!

Back pain relief was immediately evident. Really like the product.

Glad you had great immediate relief! We find with some folks they need to wear it for a while before the relief becomes apparent, while a few lucky ones get instant relief. Stay safe!
Back brace

I have definitely noticed a difference when using this belt. It distributes the weight and supports your back. I can wear my belt longer. Thank God for this belt.

Glad it's working for you Olga!
Eric C

Good product! Really made a difference.

Glad to hear it, thanks Eric!
Took a while but difference is great

I like it. It messes with my body armor sometimes but it takes the pressure off of my lower back. I had a specific area in my lower back that would kill me after a 6 day stretch. Now I can feel that my back is worked but the muscles are just fatigued not painful.

Thank you for your honest review, and valuable feedback. We sincerely appreciate it!

Being a really tall guy but wearing the brace for a couple weeks, has helped tremendously

Back Saver!

I found this after suffering a minor back injury and overall back aches for years. This has been the savior to my job, it spreads the weight out across a much larger area and does not press down straight on my spine anymore I love what it does for me and I will tell everyone who asks me about it that they need to get one. I also found when you pair it with the Blauer suspenders and outer vest carrier it makes the perfect pair because it helps blend the defender in with the uniform and spreads the weight out even better. So if you can't tell I would give this a 10 out of 10 hands down. I also have not had to go back to the chiropractor since starting to use this back defender.

Hi Justin - thanks for the review and we are so happy that this has helped you. We also appreciate the picture. Stay safe out there!
Works well

So far so good! Helps distribute weight well. I can also still place my cuff pouches over the brave area. I still have some back pain but have noticed improvement with the back up brace.

Thanks for the awesome photo Robert! Glad you are loving the BackUpBrace. Stay safe out there!

Fits great!!

Glad you love it Eric!
Backsaver 100%

Told a few coworkers and they are going to get one. It has helped my lower back 100% and keeps my belt secure. Love it

Great, thanks Greg. Glad you love it, and thanks for referring others. Have a great and safe Easter Weekend.
Love it!!

Great addition to my duty belt. Really helps with the weight distribution. My chronic back pain is going away more each day. Would highly recommend to other LEOs

Glad you love it, and thanks for sharing your setup!
"STOP BACK FATIGUE & PAIN" It's Super Supportive!

The BackUp Support Brace has been a great addition to my duty belt. Being in Law Enforcement for 32+ years the old lower back has seen it's better days. The BackUp Brace, now in my second full week of wearing it daily, has given me great added support and allows the width of the the brace to spread the weight of all the equipment more evenly. The fatigue on my lower back at the end of each shift is now very minimal and at the end of week has left me with little discomfort or pain. (Much less than before) I only wish I would have added this 'back saver' years ago. I highly recommend it! Stay safe my fellow brothers and sisters! ~

Hi Kevin, thanks for the review, and we're very happy that you have experienced good relief from lower back fatigue by using the product!
Took a week but well worth it.

For about the first week I was a little sore, most likely because of the change in weight distribution, but I’m about a month in now and it feels normal. Great tool for lower back issues can’t reccomend enough.

Ryan, we've had many clients say that it takes a week or two to get the full benefit of the product. We're glad you love it! Thanks for the photo too.