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Five Minute Exercises to Strengthen Your Back

We know the stress being a police officer can have on your lower back and spine. Matched with the busy hours, night to morning shifts and a serious lack of sleep, we know it can be hard to take the time to look after yourself.

That’s why we have collated the best exercises to strengthen the lower back, all of which can be performed in under five minutes, just before your first, morning coffee.

Partial Crunches

If you have a quick moment in the office, find a space and lay on your back. Partial crunches are great for those who haven’t got back pain yet but are at risk of it. All you have to do is lie with your knees up and bent with your feet firmly on the floor. Place your hands behind your neck and pull your shoulders off the floor. Use your stomach muscles to lift you up and remember to breathe in and out as you go up and down. Slowly lower yourself back down to the floor and repeat.Man Stretching

Wall Sits

Where there’s a wall, there’s a way. Wall sits can be super useful in strengthening your lower back. Find a wall and stand where you can comfortably lean back flat into it. Lower yourself down against the wall until your knees are bent, hold the position for ten seconds and repeat. If you’re feeling brave, you could hold yourself against the wall for as long as you possibly can.

Back-Extension Press Ups

Feel closer to the Sphynx than ever before with the back-extension press up. Lie on your stomach and place your hands either side of your body – palms facing the floor. Your elbows should be bent, and your lower arms should rest on the floor. Push down with your hands and lift your shoulders up. When you feel a slight stretch in your lower back, hold the position for ten seconds.


It’s easier to be Superman than you think, and this exercise only requires your body and the floor. Lie on your stomach and place your arms out in the front of you. At the same time, raise your arms, chest and legs off the floor and hold the position for a couple of seconds. Then lower your body back to the floor and breathe.

Deep Lunge

A deep lunge can be great for those looking for lower back pain relief as this is more of a stretch than a strenuous exercise. Sit on your knees, lean forward and balance yourself out with your hands in front of you. Pick up your left foot and place it next to your left hand. Lift your chest up and bend your knee slowly, while still remaining upright. Hold the position, breathe out and change leg.

Always make sure you are fit and healthy enough to perform any of the exercises listed above. If you are already suffering from severe back pain, it is not advisable to perform some of these workouts and stretches as they may do more harm than good - remember your wellbeing comes first.

Disclaimer: This product does not prevent nor protect the user from injury.

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