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How Being a Police Officer can Cause Back Pain.

Lower back pain is more common in police officers than you think as the stress and toil of being a member of the force can negatively impact your spine. It can be easy to ignore the pain, but eventually the damage will become more severe over time. 

Here are some daily activities that are part of your routine, that may be harming your lower back: 

Taking a Seat…For a Long Time

Road with police carAs a police officer you may spend hours sitting down, either in your squad car or at a desk. The idea of sitting down in a car for a long period of time may sound comfortable, but the seats in the vehicle weren’t designed for support and comfort. Therefore, your posture matched with prolonged sitting will gradually impact your back negatively. However, there are things you can do that will alleviate the stress sitting in a car seat can cause. For example, our Lumbar Support Pillow can provide support where you need it most. It’s fully portable so can be easily taken from your home, to the office and to your car. It supports the natural arc of your spine, so the pressure is alleviated from your vertebrae.

Prolonged Standing 

Standing for long periods of time can also cause fatigue and damage to the lower back and spine. An officer must be ready for anything, whether that’s a long night of walking and patrolling, a quick sprint to go after a suspect or standing up to secure an area. It’s not an easy life, but we can guarantee it’s worth it. 

Utility Belts 

Heavy duty belts are one of the main reasons police officers are subjected to back pain. These belts harness lots of heavy utilities and tools and when body armor is placed on too, the heavy equipment can cause stress and strain on the back and the body as a whole. Think about how many times you get in and out of your patrol car and bend and twist your lower back to adjust.

However, there are now back supports like our BackUpBrace that can help spread the pressure wider across your back, so there isn’t a particular area that is getting more strain than the rest. 

Late Nights and No Rest 

Late nights with a serious lack of sleep can also cause spinal problems. Rest is important for a healthy lifestyle and police officers just do not get enough of it, especially when shifts change and individuals have to work overtime. Even when you have a day off, it can be difficult to sleep and relax, particularly if you have to use your free time to catch up with loved ones and friends. 

It’s vital for your health to take time for yourself to relax and unwind. Exercise and stretch when possible and invest in equipment like the Lumbar Support Pillow and BackUpBrace to help ease your daily life in the police force. Although you are looking after the public, it’s important to look after yourself too.


Disclaimer: This product does not prevent nor protect the user from injury.

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