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How to Support Your Loved One in the Force

Behind a strong police officer is an even stronger network of friends, loved ones and family. Support is essential for a member of the police force to have; the people around them should understand and care for them as best they can.

A police officer needs to come home after a hard day of work and have the support she or he so rightly deserves.

Police officers checking phonesBeing a member of the force can have a big impact on an individuals’ life. A police officer will work long hours, be expected to give up their weekends and holidays and sacrifice a lot of their time to dedicate it to their job. They will face dangerous situations every day and put their lives at risk for the sake of others. Police officers will see dreadful things that could stay with them for life, lose close friends and see a different side to the world that no-one else does. It’s safe to say, it’s not easy being a member of the police force.

Be Patient

However, this stressful and time-consuming career can also negatively impact those who are around an officer. The long hours can take their toll on loved ones who want to spend quality time with their husbands or wives as even on days off, a police officer may be too tired to do anything. It may be hard to book spontaneous trips away or eat dinner together, but it’s all about understanding and making time for each other when you can.

Always Be There

Never give up on your loved one and make sure you talk and stay connected at least once during the day, whether that be a text message, a phone call or a quick lunch. You could send your other half pictures of the children or pets too.

Make sure you record everything your loved one cannot be there for – children’s dance rehearsals, a baby’s first steps, shopping trips. A police officer will love a break away from their work to feel the warmth of home.

Stay Positive

Always try to resist moaning or complaining about your loved one’s job. The last thing they want to hear when they come home from a long day is groans and complaints. Stay positive and be happy in the short amount of time you get to spend together.

Cook and Prepare

Although you may not get to spend every meal together, make sure leftovers from dinner are in the fridge ready for your loved one to come home and reheat. Cooking is a great way to show love and care, even if it’s just a sandwich for lunch.

Try Not to Worry

As a policer officer you will be put in places that are unsafe and face hazardous risks that could result in fatalities. Understandably, this notion can be hard for loved ones to take on board, but it’s important not to worry. Take pride in the fact that your wife, husband, sister, mother, father, brother, son or daughter are helping the community and putting others before themselves. They are trained for their job and are surrounded by people who have also worked hard to get where they have been. Their partner will be qualified and the people around them will always have their best interests at heart.

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