BackUp Smooth Leather Back Support with Belt Keepers

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By placing the "BackUp" on your utility belt, you turn your duty belt into a 4" weight lifting belt which will support the lower back. The same amount of pressure on your back is now spread over an area of 60 square inches, as opposed to 30 square inches. This will help prevent back strain caused by heavy lifting, wrestling suspects, or the day to day strain of bending, twisting and getting in and out of patrol vehicles. 

It is also designed to distribute the weight of the utility belt that is caused by the required equipment worn by law enforcement officers. The brace does not change the duty belt - equipment can be placed on your duty belt without any limitations. 

The BackUp works equally well with or without an inner belt.

  NOTE: This product does not prevent nor protect the user from injury

The BackUp is the back support item of choice for thousands of law enforcement officers throughout North America. 

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See what just a few of the thousands of law enforcement officers around the country that currently use the BackUpBrace to achieve back pain relief, have to say about the BackUpBrace:


When you order your BackUp it will ship with instructions to assemble it, but in case you miss it, here it is (click to enlarge):

BackUp Leather Police Back Support Assembly Instructions for Leather and Weave


Made from premium material that is fade resistant, water resistant, and hand washable. Includes 2 matching 7.5" belt keepers - specifically designed to fit a 2.5" standard duty belt. 

 The BackUp is now available in two different sizes:

Regular  For waist sizes above 33 inches. Order the regular if you are a size 34 inch waist or higher. The regular size will NOT be effective for waist sizes below 33 inches. 
Small For waist sizes below 33 inches. Order the small if you are a size 32 inch waist or smaller. The small size will NOT be effective for a waist size larger than 33 inches.


NOTE: This product does not prevent nor protect the user from injury

Customer Reviews

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BackUp Smooth Leather Back Support with Belt Keepers

police officer

referred by fellow officer which led to myself and my partner to each purchase one. for me it was instant comfort and relief from upper thigh numbness and tingling. at times I forget im even wearing the police belt. love it!! if in doubt,GET IT!!

Police Office

I have only worn this for a few weeks. It really seems to help. I have had lower back problems in the past. The back-up-brace really gives the added support I was looking for.

In my opinion...

I have worn the back brace for a while now and still evaluating it's effectiveness. I am a semi-retired police officer and only work part time, at the present serving city warrants and summons. As far as I can tell the brace works as advertised and I like it a lot. It is well made and appears to be holding up well. I do not have the back, hip and leg pain as before. A caveate, if you will. Sometimes I do not get my belt tight enough and after a while I still get some aches and pains. Very small issue. The only bad thing is the brace does not have Velcro on the inside. I use an inner and outer belt with Velcro and do not use belt keepers. I bought some sticky back Velcro and added it to the brace and it works fine. Just wish I had purchased it sooner.

Herniated Disc Relief - Texas LEO

Alright, I'll start at the beginning. Every single day I got home from work, my lower back hurt. It did not hurt before I started this career. I figured, well, that's just the price I pay to carry all this gear and I can deal with soreness. I'd take some anti inflammatories and cherish my days off.

In Dec 2016, towards the end of the month, I herniated a disc. The holidays were a mess. I could barely walk, bending over was impossible, everything hurt and I thought my career was over. Dramatic, to be sure, but pain is pain and this was some of the worst I've ever felt.

I was out for 3 weeks. My doc said he could fix me up without surgery and started me on steroids and anti inflammatories to get my back shore up. He told me to do core workouts to support my back but I hurt so bad I just focused on getting better.

Had a buddy at work recommend this product. I took a look and figured, couldn't hurt. It arrived just in time for me to come back to work from my sick leave. I'll bet you know what I'm gonna say now. Day 1 back: no pain after work. I didn't even notice it at first. I got home and took my belt off. That's usually when I wince. I wince from the pressure coming off my hips and that pinched disc springing up. But I didn't feel that. I stretched. I moved. I flexed. I felt great.

I started working out, strengthening my core as the doc said. I've lost 15 pounds since I got hurt. I wear my Backup Brace every day and I feel great.

On 04/31/2016, I had to put on my old duty belt. 2 inches smaller. I lost too much weight and couldn't tighten my belt enough. Well my backup brace is now too big, so I decided to go a single day without it. Couldn't hurt, right? I got home and that familiar pain was back. I stretched it out as much as I could and now I'm here ready to purchase a smaller model for my belt because I can't go a day without it.

Matt, thanks for the great review. We're happy to offer you a discount on purchasing your second brace. Please email

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