BackUp Nylon Back Support with Belt Keepers

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By placing the "BackUp" on your utility belt, you turn your duty belt into a 4" weight lifting belt which will support the lower back. The same amount of pressure on your back is now spread over an area of 60 square inches, as opposed to 30 square inches. This will help prevent back strain caused by heavy lifting, wrestling suspects, or the day to day strain of bending, twisting and getting in and out of patrol vehicles. 

It is also designed to distribute the weight of the utility belt that is caused by the required equipment worn by law enforcement officers. The brace does not change the duty belt - equipment can be placed on your duty belt without any limitations. 

The BackUp works equally well with or without an inner belt.

  NOTE: This product does not prevent nor protect the user from injury

The BackUp is the back support item of choice for thousands of law enforcement officers throughout North America. 

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See what just a few of the thousands of law enforcement officers around the country that currently use the BackUpBrace to achieve back pain relief, have to say about the BackUpBrace:


When you order your BackUp it will ship with instructions to assemble it, but in case you miss it, here it is (click to enlarge):

BackUp Leather Police Back Support Assembly Instructions for Leather and Weave


Made from premium material that is fade resistant, water resistant, and hand washable. Includes 2 matching 7.5" belt keepers - specifically designed to fit a 2.5" standard duty belt. 

 The BackUp is now available in two different sizes:

Regular  For waist sizes above 33 inches. Order the regular if you are a size 34 inch waist or higher. The regular size will NOT be effective for waist sizes below 33 inches. 
Small For waist sizes below 33 inches. Order the small if you are a size 32 inch waist or smaller. The small size will NOT be effective for a waist size larger than 33 inches.


NOTE: This product does not prevent nor protect the user from injury

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Fast response & delivery

Nerve Pain Relief

I am entering my 38th year in active law enforcement (two left to go), where I have worked as a uniformed patrol officer for all but 4 years of that time. Despite keeping in good shape, and having led police academy fitness classes for 25 of those years, I just this year started developing lower back problems apparently due to nerves being compressed in the lower lumbar portion of my spine. The nerve pain makes it difficult to stand in a stationary position for more than five minutes. I knew I had to do something while awaiting more definitive treatment. That was when I turned to the Backup Brace.

For the past two weeks I have been wearing the Backup Brace and have found a great deal of relief. The gentle pressure on my lower back has helped to offset a great deal of the nerve pain I have been having, having cut by approximately half on most days. While the pain is not totally gone when standing, it is definitely more bearable. I was pleased to find it helped me with nerve related, rather than muscle related pain. The Backup Brace has been worth far more that the $69 price tag.

Sgt. Scott W. Wagner

Sweet relief!

13 years of wearing an equipment belt was taking its toll. Even after shifting a lot of my gear to my vest, my lower back would still ache. My osteo could only do so much so I started looking around for a solution. A colleague has one of these braces and highly recommended it so I thought, why not? Happy to report an immediate improvement and a lot less lower back aches. This brace in conjunction with an osteo appointment here and there has made a crazy amount of difference.

Very helpful product.

The brace assisted with some of the back pain/strain that I was experiencing, but did not remediate all of the pain. Primarily, it helped me with the pain caused by a more narrow duty belt and inner belt on the lower spine, but I am still experiencing some discomfort. Hopefully with additional resources and work outs, the pain/strain continues to reduce, but overall the belt was helpful.

Thank you for your honest review Jonathan!
needed product

Great product. I wish I had something like this 20 yrs ago. It would have save me from numerous trips to doctors. Get one early in you career and you'll be thankful.

Glad you love it Robert, thanks for posting!