BackUpBrace Tough Nylon Duty Belt Back Support for Law Enforcement w/ Keepers

  • $ 69.95

Nicole wearing the BackUpBrace duty belt back support for law enforcement.

If you have any pain or discomfort from wearing your duty belt for long hours, the BackUpBrace is what you need.

Place it on your duty belt to spread the load and relieve pain and stress on your lower back. It acts like a weightlifting belt; it spreads the load over a wider area, thereby reducing the pressure per square inch.

This will help prevent back strain caused by carrying around heavy gear all day, wrestling suspects, or the day to day strain of bending, twisting and getting in and out of patrol vehicles.

The BackUpBrace does not materially change the duty belt. Equipment can be placed on your duty belt in practically the same way as before. It's almost invisible once worn, and does not alter your appearance in the way suspenders do.

The BackUpBrace works equally well with or without an inner belt.

The BackUpBrace has been a very effective way to relief back pain and stress for individuals in the following industries:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Border Patrol
  • Correctional Services
  • Military Police
  • Private Security

Special pricing is available for bulk orders from departments, agencies and wholesalers. Simply email your request to us with details of your requirements.

NOTE: This product does not prevent nor protect the user from injury.

BackUpBrace logo 30 Day Money Back Guarantee Badge

The BackUpBrace is the back support item of choice for thousands of law enforcement officers, border patrol personnel, military police officers, correctional services officers and private security individuals throughout North America. 

30 Day Money Back Guarantee Badge

Our 30 Day Recommend or Return policy means you can shop with complete peace of mind. If you feel that our product is not good enough to recommend to a friend or colleague, simply return it for a full refund of your purchase price. Full details of our return policy available here

See what just a few of the thousands of law enforcement officers around the country that currently use the BackUpBrace to achieve back pain relief, have to say about the BackUpBrace:


When you order your BackUpBrace it will ship with instructions to assemble it, but in case you miss it, here it is (click to enlarge):

BackUp Leather Police Back Support Assembly Instructions for Leather and Weave


Made from premium material that is fade resistant, water resistant, and hand washable. Includes 2 matching 7.5" belt keepers - specifically designed to fit a 2.5" standard duty belt. 

 The BackUp is now available in two different sizes:

Regular  For waist sizes above 33 inches. Order the regular if you are a size 34 inch waist or higher. The regular size will NOT be effective for waist sizes below 33 inches. 
Small For waist sizes below 33 inches. Order the small if you are a size 32 inch waist or smaller. The small size will NOT be effective for a waist size larger than 33 inches.


NOTE: This product does not prevent nor protect the user from injury

Customer Reviews

Based on 130 reviews

I am extremely satisfied with the backup brace I do not have any back pains while wearing the backup brace during my 8 hour shifts. The backup brace is definitely worth the money and a great product investment that works very well!
Thank you,

Wow, thanks for the great review! We really appreciate it. Stay safe out there.

Great Product

Definitely worth the money. I suffer from lower back pain and this back brace really does help.

Thanks for your review Faustino - we're so glad it's alleviating that back pain!


This brace is worth every penny. I slipped a disc in my lower back years ago and it has never fully recovered. I have facet joint syndrome now in one of my discs. My duty belt was getting to the point of nearly unbearable but I couldn’t find a solution because it wasn’t the weight of the belt, so suspenders weren’t helping, it was the pressure of it being right on the Center of my lower back. This brace literally fixed the issue. I can’t say enough good.

Renee, we somehow missed your review and it has taken us so long to respond, apologies for that! But now that we found it, it seems Christmas has come early :) We absolutely love reading stories like the one you posted her - it makes the work we put into the BackUpBrace all worth it.

We hope you continue to enjoy the support of the BackUpBrace for many years to come. Merry Christmas and a safe and happy 2021!

Brace review/referral program

Brace I've worn for like 5 shifts already now but fell in love with it first day. Wish I had gotten one long time ago. Referral program? Not sure how that works as I know of 2 colleagues that have already used my link to order one for themselves. Referred others but know these guys already did...
Nice product though.

David, thanks for your review! We are so happy to hear the BackUpBrace has been doing wonders for your back. Rest assured that if anyone orders the brace using your link, your will automatically be credited with your referral amount. Please email us if you have any concerns.

Backupbrace is fantastic!!

This was hands down the best money I have ever spent. I tweaked my back after an on duty injury a few years "back" it has never been the same. This go round I needed to try something different. Even though I am a detective, I started wearing my full belt to have access to all tools because of all the nonsense going on right now. Since I got this brace, I prefer to wear my full belt over even a regular belt with no tools. It places all the weight on my hips and relieves all the tension off my back. Don't hesitate, just buy it. You will not regret it.

Kyle, great to hear. Thank you very much for sharing your experience. We appreciate it. Stay safe out there!