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BackUpBrace - Patent Leather

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Follow these instructions to correctly install the BackUpBrace on your duty belt.

BackUpBrace Back Pain Relief for Cops

Available in a variety of finishes

Suitable for men and women of all ages, shapes and sizes.

Available in a variety of finishes

Suitable for men and women of all ages, shapes and sizes.

BackUpBrace Basket Weave Back Support for Lower Back Pain Relief
BackUpBrace Back Support for Pain Relief
BackUpBrace Basket Weave Back Support

Reviews for the BackUpBrace - Patent Leather

Customer Reviews

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Jared Wendling
Alleviates pressure

One of the things that some of the reviews do not mention that I like about the brace is that it prevents things from sliding into your back as well as keeping things nice and snug on the sides. Should have started using this sooner.

Thanks for the feedback Jared, great looking setup!

Jennifer Frechette
Back Up Brace

We have purchased these for testing. We haven't received feedback yet, but I can say that one trooper who was testing the backup brace previously told us how wonderful it was and how it really took the pressure off of his hips. I will submit another review once the other 10 troopers test the product.

Hi Jennifer

Thank you for your valuable feedback - we are very excited to hear the results of your test. Please keep us posted!

faizan khan
Backup Brace

Glad I have bought this early in my career!! Talked to many officers they all advised they bought this 10 years ago.

Faizan that is indeed a very wise investment, your back will thank you in 10 years' time!

John Ryan
Instant relief

I have been having back issues off and on for the last several years. Currently I am assigned to the Traffic Division and work 4 10 hour shifts on my police motorcycle. Add in my commute time, and I am on the bike sometimes in excess of 12 hours a day. Same thing on my off days when I am doing escorts as a side job.
From day 1, I felt instant relief. The Backup Brace works as advertised. The weight of all the gear on my duty belt has been more evenly distributed. It too a little bit to get used to it and I had to adjust some of my gear on my belt, but I did not have to eliminate any that I have been accustomed to carrying.
I no longer have the back pain when I get home after a long shift. As stupid as this sounds, I have even contemplated putting my duty belt on around the house if my back starts hurting again. I would definately recommend it to any officer suffering from back pain that had to carry a lot of gear on their duty belt.

Hi John

Thank you for your review. Cannot imagine spending 12 hours on the bike daily! Very glad the BackUpBrace is alleviating that back pain so effectively. Stay safe.

Relief in a small investment

I have suffered from lower back pain from the result of disc issues for nearly 8 years in law enforcement. Anyone in the career knows that regardless of ones physical fitness level, the sheer weight of the equipment we carry can apmlify fatigue and injury on the job. Most patrol vehicles seats are not designed to accommodate the ergonomics of a duty belt and can take a toll on the body in addition to reaching over for the MDC to type. I ordered the Backupbrace in hope I would see some relief from 'on duty' pain in my lower back while in a duty belt. So far, so good and am pleased with the support it provides. It has definitely been a small price to pay for comfort and relief while on the job. I would absolutely recommend this addition to any officer's belt. I was even able to use my standard high gloss brass keepers which is a plus.

You are so right Trooper ... physical fitness, stretching and a healthy regime certainly help, but they are not a guarantee against the effects of lugging that much weight around your hips! Very glad our product has brought you some well-deserved support and relief. And thanks for sharing your setup - the gloss still looks pretty classic and awesome in our opinion!