BackUp Nylon Back Support with Belt Keepers

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By placing the "BackUp" on your utility belt, you turn your duty belt into a 4" weight lifting belt which will support the lower back. The same amount of pressure on your back is now spread over an area of 60 square inches, as opposed to 30 square inches. This will help prevent back strain caused by heavy lifting, wrestling suspects, or the day to day strain of bending, twisting and getting in and out of patrol vehicles. 

It is also designed to distribute the weight of the utility belt that is caused by the required equipment worn by law enforcement officers. The brace does not change the duty belt - equipment can be placed on your duty belt without any limitations. 

The BackUp works equally well with or without an inner belt.

  NOTE: This product does not prevent nor protect the user from injury

The BackUp is the back support item of choice for thousands of law enforcement officers throughout North America. 

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See what just a few of the thousands of law enforcement officers around the country that currently use the BackUpBrace to achieve back pain relief, have to say about the BackUpBrace:


When you order your BackUp it will ship with instructions to assemble it, but in case you miss it, here it is (click to enlarge):

BackUp Leather Police Back Support Assembly Instructions for Leather and Weave


Made from premium material that is fade resistant, water resistant, and hand washable. Includes 2 matching 7.5" belt keepers - specifically designed to fit a 2.5" standard duty belt. 

 The BackUp is now available in two different sizes:

Regular  For waist sizes above 33 inches. Order the regular if you are a size 34 inch waist or higher. The regular size will NOT be effective for waist sizes below 33 inches. 
Small For waist sizes below 33 inches. Order the small if you are a size 32 inch waist or smaller. The small size will NOT be effective for a waist size larger than 33 inches.


NOTE: This product does not prevent nor protect the user from injury

Customer Reviews

Based on 72 reviews
Nick N. Nick
Why Did I Wait So Long?

For years I have worn duty belts as a reservist in the military. I knew that there was one thing I could always count on after hours of running Search and Rescue cases: Lower back pain!

I accepted this as a necessary evil and tolerated it due to experiencing it only two days out of the month. However, when I was sworn as an officer at a local PD, I sought a remedy for my lower back pain as it would now be a much more frequent affair. I eventually found this product and was hesitant to buy it due to the seemingly cumbersome design and somewhat high price point. I will tell you now that it was worth every penny.

I attached the Backup Brace and no longer experience back pain despite carrying more equipment on my belt and wearing it for much longer hours. The Backup Brace does a great job of distributing the weight of the duty belt along a wider area, and not just pressing inwards on my lower back.

I have since recommended this product to my fellow officers and all have had positive experiences-- most notably, the veteran officers who have dealt with back pain for years.

All in all, I highly recommend the Backup Brace to anyone who wears a duty belt and is looking for a solution to lower-back pain and discomfort.

Nick - thank you for your service first of all. Secondly, thank you for the review, and the great pic of your setup. Much appreciated!
Bryan Smith B.S. Bryan S.

I purchase the BackUp Brace for officers of the Fort Myers Police Department. Any officer whom complains of a back issue finds relief with the brace. The different size for men and women makes a difference.

Robbie Patterson R.P. Robbie P.
Good quality product.

It does exactly what it is advertised to do.

The only products that I have found to work similar are over $90 and are lower quality than this one.

Katie Anderson K.A. Katie A.
Wife of a cop

My wife has worn the brace for about a month now. She absolutely loves it! She's noticed a significant difference in her back and hips. Even while sitting in her cruiser for a 12 hr shift, she's noticed a positive difference. Her fellow co-workers are talking about ordering one for themselves.

G G. G
Great Product

I have had it for one month so far and it is great. Felt relief the first day I wore it and has given me great support on my back. Would recommend to all my friends.

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